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 Forum Rules and Terms Of Service

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Forum Rules and Terms Of Service Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Terms Of Service   Forum Rules and Terms Of Service EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 12:41 pm


1. Pornographic Content of ANY kind is restrictedly prohibited and may result in a direct ban.

2. Credit Card Freud is aswell prohibited. Please do not share any personal credit card
options or info's of any kinds.

3. Keep your Privacy private. Please do not tell about where you live other than your city and country.
Do not give out phone nr's. Doing so may result in a warning.

4. Insulting or Flaming other members is not allowed. Doing so may result in a warning. If this continues it may result in a permanent ban

5. Double posting is not allowed. Its taken as spam and Spam is not allowed.

6. Please do not Post any copyrighted material. THis can harm the forums greatly and we'd advise you not to do so.

7. Please do not stray too far off topic. If this gets too serious it may result in a ban or warning.

8. Speaking about illegal actions is prohibited.

9. Racism is a very serious action. Racism in post can result in a direct ban with no warning. However it may also result in a conversation about
your action with an admin to discuss your future on the forums. Racism posts have 2 ranks. Racism and Heavy Racism. Heavy racism will result in a direct ban with no warning aswell as removal of your post. Normal Racismwill result in a warning and removal of your post

10. Please leave profanity out of the topics as its not a nice thing. Even if you're frustrated please stay calm and dont unleash your wrath upon the forums

11. Please look through the Forumotion official rules and follow them aswell. If break of theese you will be banned immidietly with no warning

12. Spamming is not allowed and will result in a warning, if continuing it may result in a ban. We've had some serious issues with spamming on both the US and EU spore forums as you might know. THis is also the main reason why the link to the forum is not given to anybody. Please be discret about giving out links to the forum. Sending out the link as Rebecca have done recently Is to protect the forum. Please Respect this.

13. Limit your signature to 500 characters including BBcode

14. Limit the images in your signature to 500x130pixels

15. Do not report posts for the sake of it or for fun. Doing so results in warnings, point deductions, or possibly suspension.

16. Alternate accounts will result in a direct ban.

17. Dont hint or ask to be a moderator or Administrator. Doing so is considered rude, annoying and you may receive a warning.
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Forum Rules and Terms Of Service
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